Stage Combat Swords

Theatrical and Practice Combat Stage Swords from Stage Steel

Stage Combat swords are the most durable swords for practice, theatrical, sparring and reenactment. Our Stage Steel® line of double handed broadswords, combat claymores, Japanese samurai swords, rapiers, ninja swords, Roman sword, Viking sword, pirate cutlass go beyond historical guidelines for supreme battle strength needed for daily use. These are perfect for the stage professional and reenactors as their aged authentic appearance is designed to replicate a true “real life” medieval weapon. All stage swords come with a durable carbon steel blade that has a blunt edge for safety. So if you are a seasoned stage professional or intend to join a fighters group and learn the ways of swordsmanship… we are sure you will be pleased with Knights Edge fine assortment from our Stage Steel® line of quality combat weaponry and swords. See some of our great offerings of battle ready swords below.
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