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Roman Helmets

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Roman Helmets

Roman HelmetThe Roman helmet design differs from the Greek helmet as it is in fact, an iron or steel skull cap that is strengthen by two cross-bands that are furnished with a hollowed neck-guard at the back. In the front the Roman helmet is finished with a narrow band or it has a small bar that acts as a visor. Cheek-pieces of iron fastened this helm under the chin and a ring placed at the crossing of the two strengthening bands took the place of a crest. When marching, the Roman soldiers would slung their helms by the clasped cheek-pieces from their right shoulders. The Roman helm was worn by both the equites and the vlites was considerably widened at its base and also much flattened in its contour.

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Imperial Rome Centurion Guard Helmet. The Main officers of the Imperial Roman guard were the Centurions, each in charge of 100 men, hence the name "century". These Centurion Generals wore adorned plumed helms that could be easily seen in battle.
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This Gallic influenced full size wearable guards roman helmet worn by the elite Roman guardsmen of the early first century is handcrafted of 18 gauge steel and boasts classic brass accenting. This is a most interesting addition to ancient armour collections.
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Our hand-crafted 18 gauge steel wearable  imperial italic Roman helmet boasts classic brass accents.
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An exquisite Roman helmet full red hair plume (color of leaders and status of rank) tops the magnificent example of rome's high ranking infantry helmet. Hand-crafted in brass.
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This full size wearable troopers roman helmet is hand crafted in the style worn by the Legionary Roman infantry troops who marched across Europe from 100 to 299 A.D. The Brass accents and piping portray the Gallic influences of armourers at this time, extremely evident is the "embossed" eyebrows at the top of the skull.
Price: $168.00
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