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Knights Edge Ltd. has been providing unique medieval weapons and other theme goods since 1994. Believing that everyone likes unusual items which inspire awe and admiration from their friends and colleagues, Knights Edge Ltd. has traveled the world from ancient medieval towns to bustling modern day hubs with one mission in mind - "To find great treasures and bring to you their charm and romance at an affordable price." We don't stop there, and unlike other companies who merely resell, Knights Edge Ltd. is the designer and exclusive importer of much of what we carry. From our Majestic European Swords, awesome medieval weaponry and hand-crafted pieces, you can be assured of the quality, as we personally evaluate and test each item for consideration to be on our website.

New Large Figurines! These are truly huge. The sizes range from 14" up to 24".


We now offer an exciting array of Historical Books spanning the timelines of history! Our collection includes books covering Ancient Times (Greeks, Romans), Medieval Times, Medieval Japan, Civil War, and other time periods. We also offer children's books.



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