Medieval Swords

Functional, Decorative and Battle Ready Medieval Swords from RitterSteel®, Stage Steel® and Valiant Arms. All swords are handcrafted by skillful artisans and are perfect medieval collectibles.

View medieval sword designs of historical significance for collectors, reenactors, home decor and more! Be it a Claymore, Knight Sword, Crusader Sword, our functional battle ready swords and decorative medieval swords dating the middle ages circa AD 500 -1500 take you back to an earlier age of weapons in warfare. Knights Edge® a leading designer of swords specializes in our functional RitterSteel® medieval sword and Stage Steel® medieval sword styles offering a wide selection of historical affordable handcrafted swords. Shown are some of the medieval sword models we produce. Stage Steel swords come with blunt edges and this makes them perfect for sword practice and SCA reenactment. On the other hand, RitterSteel® swords come with sharpened edges. Both sword lines are battle ready and totally functional. Buy one of our swords today and start your medieval sword collection.
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