Ritter Steel®

Ritter Steel Swords and Weapons

RitterSteel Swords and Weapons

RitterSteel® is a premium line of hand made medieval swords, Samurai swords and related weapons. We also offer Ninja styles, including our famous braided leather collection.

In the manufacture of RitterSteel® products many age old techniques are used including the hand forging of blades over hot coals. The typical sword features a sharp high carbon spring steel blade, wood grips, and steel or brass guards and pommels. Most are supplied with heavy leather sheaths, others with wood covered in leather.


    A very distinctive twist to this ancient design Roman gladius sword rests in the striking solid brass studs that encircle the rich wood pommel and guard.
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    This magnificent medieval Celtic sword has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is individually and masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath.
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    The Sinbad Scimitar Sword
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    Fantasy Firestalker Sword
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