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Knights Edge® offers the widest selection of superb quality swords and weaponry and is your one stop shop to buy the most amazing array of ancient, roman, medieval, renaissance, civil war and fantasy swords and weaponry for everyone’s budget. Being one of the leading sword designers makes us a great source for all your needs as we not only sell swords, we design them! Founded in 1994 our exclusive design lines include our functional RitterSteel® replica swords with carbon steel blades hand forged over hot coals using authentic age old methods. Our Stage Steel® Swords are a leading favorite with SCA reenactors, stage and screen actors offering strong blunt edge stage swords for contact sports. Knightedge® knives are made in the USA with top quality materials for the connoisseur hunter while our Valiant Arms® replica swords offer great value on hand crafted carbon blades. Looking to buy a sword? Historical, Decorative, functional and practice swords, whatever you need or want you’ll find it here.

See a sampling of the swords offered below, or select the category for the full sword selection available to buy. Buy swords with confidence.

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