Battle Ready Swords

Battle ready swords for reenactors, historians and collectors who wish to own authentically forged sword blades. These functional swords with carbon steel hand forged blades of ancient and medieval times are designed under our Ritter Steel® line and possess the same strength and characteristics as their original counterparts in history. Each is hand forged over hot coals in authentic processes with well tempered blades, while solid castings and natural materials mimic closely original materials of the time. Durability and function based on historical guidelines. Our Stage Steel® line of swords goes beyond historical guidelines for supreme battle ready strength needed for daily use. These come with a durable blunt edge for safety.

So if you are looking for a “real” heirloom for your collection and not a decorator sword, or intend to join a fighters group and learn the ways of swordsmanship… we are sure you will be pleased with Knights Edge fine Battle Ready swords assortment.

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