Armor and Helmets

Medieval / Renaissance / Greek / Roman Armor and Helmets

Knights Edge® offers many styles of medieval armor including Roman and European half suits and complete suits of armor with helmets. All are made of 18 gauge steel unless otherwise indicated.

Decorative and authentic styled middle age armor and weapons will enhance the look of any room. Our medieval armor replica looks like it came out of a museum. Reproductions follow original designs very closely. Whether your specialty is Roman, Spanish, German, Italian or European in general, we have the armor for you! All armor are unique creations, true metal works of art. See a sampling of the armor and helmets offered below, or select the category for the full armor selection.

All armor and medieval helmets marked in stock are available for immediate delivery.

Charioteer Armour Display
Price: $496.00
In stock
1st Century Brass Cuirass
Price: $298.00
In stock
These spiked leather wrist band bracers are sold as singles so if you want a pair you need to buy 2 pieces. The photo shows two singles.
Price: $24.00
In stock
Our studded leather leg bracers offer calf front leg protection. The greaves are made of heavy leather and come with buckles for snug fit.
Price: $130.00
In stock