Chainmail Armor

Chainmail armor has been made in ancient times by nearly every race and nation that used armor. Oddly, the Chinese never made chainmail but often obtained it from the Persians. The earliest chainmail was made of metal rings that were sewn onto leather. This type of chainmail was very heavy due to the large size of the links. Around 12th century, chainmail made entirely of metal rings was adopted. The most economical chainmail was made of rings where the ends were not fastened together. This “butted” ring type of chain mail was used mainly in Asia and was primarily used for protection of the neck and joints. In Europe, chain mail rings were most often riveted and in some cases welded together.

Each incredible chain mail shirt (hauberk) and coif is painstakingly and skillfully created by hand using 7/16" inner diameter rings. Our Valiant Arms® craftsman use the most popular European style called 4 into 1. Each circular link intersects with four others, to form a continuous blanket of metal ring protection. Like the originals the wire for our steel chain mail armor is traditional mild steel, which tends to bend when struck, absorbing the blow, rather than shattering, as hardened steels do. Our chainmail is available in aluminum (does not require maintenance), riveted steel and butted steel.

Chainmail Coif - Butted Steel Rings
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Chainmail Coif Riveted Flat Steel
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Medieval Chainmail Coif - Riveted Steel
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