Pirate Swords

Pirate swords and the whole booty! Whether you need a functional pirate cutlass for your next plunder, a decorative pirate sword for that special captain’s quarters, or a stage combat ready pirate sword for that battle on the “plank”, you need look no further than Knights Edge®! We also offer a wide variety of pirate collectibles including pirate Jolly Roger flags, skulls, treasure chest locks and keys, pirate jewelry and more.

Our pirate swords are perfect for pirate outfits

Pirate Cutlass - "Captain's Choice"! This dashing Ritter Steel pirate cutlass sword is a real bounty to behold! Created with a stylish blackened steel guard (to protect the finish from harsh sea air) and a hand-forged carbon steel blade this cutlass is worth "walking the plank" for and is the perfect pirates companion for  a "Night Raid". Comes complete with sheath. Blade: 1-1/8"W x 27"L. Overall length 33".
Price: $339.00
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Our pirate cutlass has stylish hand guard affords hand protection. The pirate sword features a blade that is 27" long. Overall length 33". Sheath is leather covered and wire wrapped.
Price: $279.00
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The Sinbad Scimitar Sword
Price: $425.00
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Belly Dance Dragon Scimitar Sword
Price: $109.98
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