Belly Dancing Swords and Accessories

Belly Dance swords to make your dance exciting! Our well balanced belly dance scimitar is the perfect choice for professional and training dancers. Belly dance is a Western term for a traditional Arab dance genre that is known as raqs sharqi which means "oriental dance" or sometimes raqs baladi which means "country dance or folk dance". It is also sometimes called "Middle Eastern Dance" or the "Arabic Dance" in the United States. The dance which originated in the Middle East, is now popular around the world. Belly dance takes many different regional forms that vary both in costume and dance styles, indicating that distinctive dance moves may have been transported to these regions and incorporated with local dance styles. Belly dancing probably originated in Ancient Babylon in southern Iraq. It was a tradition for women to dance during social gatherings while men played the drums. Now you too have a chance to buy our light-weight scimitar to practice belly dancing. Many belly dancers bought it and they were very satisfied with it.

Our scimitars have long been a favorite with dancers as these "dancing scimitars" allow the freedom of movement without the added weight of traditional swords. See the video of our belly dance sword in action!

Belly Dancing Sword Pictures and Video

Belly Dancer with Dragon Scimitar Sword balancing on her head. Belly Dancer with Scimitar Sword

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Belly Dance Dragon Scimitar Sword
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Our maiden slave bracelet is made of lead free pewter and has nickel finish. Check our other medieval jewelry section for more slave bracelets.
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The medusa snake slave bracelet is made of lead-free pewter. One size fits all. The bracelet is adjustable.
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