Samurai & Oriental Swords

Battle Ready and Practice Japanese & Samurai & Katana Swords and Reverse Blade Swords

Japanese samurai swords, Ninja Swords, Chinese Broadswords and other functional oriental swords of quality for the martial arts enthusiast, collector or sword connoisseur. Knights Edge® is your #1 source for quality samurai and oriental swords including katanas, wakizashi, tantos, ninja swords, tai chi, bokens, broadswords and more. So whether you are looking for a Stage Battle Ready Samurai swords, a functional hand forged ninja sword, functional anime style reverse blade katana sword or a decorative Japanese swords for that special collector we urge you to browse our pages for a sample of some of the samurai, ninja and oriental swords we produce. Don't forget to visit our Samurai figurines page and Samurai books page.

Below you will find our complete line of Japanese Samurai and katana swords. We also offer Chinese weapons, Japanese wakizashis, tantos and ninja weapons in both steel and wood.

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