Medieval Tapestry and Renaissance Wall Hangings

Knights Edge offers two beautiful wall tapestries that can be used to beautify any Renaissance or Middle Age style home decor. Our tapestry is a perfect item to give a touch of Middle Age accent to your home.

Garden of Tranquility Medieval Tapestry
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The earliest English gardens were planted by the Roman conquerors of Britain in the 1st century AD. During the Middle ages Castles made room for small courtyard gardens and after the Reformation a wide array of garden styles influenced by the Italian, Dutch and French were introduced to England. The Formal Renaissance garden remained popular through the 18th century. Although a swing to a more natural" look has evolved... this style garden is still a favorite to this day! Our exquisite floral tapestry is woven in a deep and rich color pallet of the vibrant blooms found in European Renaissance gardens. These wild and domestic flower varieties brought inspiration to weavers that created artwork that adorned castle and manor walls bringing the garden “indoors” all year long. Limited in the past to only the most affluent who could afford them, you too can now adorn your walls with tapestries. Add a special flair to your decor with a beautiful reminder of the elegance that graced the walls of history. This fully lined tapestry is woven in deep rich burgundy hues. The floral bouquet framed by a classic Romanesque scrolled leaf border. Two large 3-12” high hanging loops are ready for your rod. EXTRA LARGE: 30-1/2”W x 45”H.
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