Scourge of the Seas

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In their heyday, the sight of a pirate ship on the horizon would strike terror into the hearts of their intended victims. The colorful yet fearsome reputation of the pirate still resonates today and the sight of the skull and crossbones retains its thrilling power. The lives of the most famous of their brethren have been immortalized, initially in the pamphlets of the time, now in films and books. Telling the full story of piracy from the 'buccaneering era' of 17th century to the last great piratical wave of the early 19th century, this book explores the generally short and bloody life of the pirate, detailing his ship, weaponry and codes of behavior, as well as his most famous exploits. It is the gripping tale of the violent and deadly brigands who roamed the high seas in search of plunder. The book contains previously published material from Elite 67: Pirates 1660-1730, Elite 69: Buccaneers 1620-1700, Elite 74: Privateers & Pirates 1730-1830 and New Vanguard 70: The Pirate Ship 1660-1730. Item #11143

Author: Angus Konstam
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 48
Series: General Military
ISBN: 9781846032110

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