Imperial Roman Commander Centurion Helmet

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The success of Imperial Rome's great armies was much in part due to the great leadership of its commanders in charge and the effectiveness of precise following of orders in battle. The key front line officers, in charge of  legions of up to 100 men were called Centurions. Each Imperial Roman Centurion Commander gained his position not by birthright but earned his title through skill and through acts of bravery and valor in battle!

To immediately recognize these valiant men in charge, officers and commanders of Rome's great legions of troops wore helmets adorned with large plumes that could be immediately recognized in battle with color and ornamentation determining rank. This wonderful and historical full size Roman Centurion Commander's helm is handcrafted of 18 gauge steel and is as glorious as the originals with a striking horizontally mounted blond horse hair plume easily distinguishing the "Commander" in Battle! Wearable. Item #8147
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