Skull & Crossbones Ashtray or Accessory Tray

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Aargh!, if you love your “Jolly Roger”, your mates and your smokes, here is a handy item that will keep in tradition with the pirate code and keep the “ashes off the bounty” to boot! This skull and cross bone ashtray is cold cast in resin and has been hand finished for a realistic bone coloring. It will hold multiple (4) cigarettes at one time and still leave a place for the ashes! But it is just as handy to hold small trinkets that you don’t want misplaced. Great for placing your keys or phone after a night of pillaging and plunder, so in the morning you won’t have to “hunt” for your treasure “buried” within some pocket or couch!. So, swill your rum, chart your next course, and put down your smoke in this aspiring pirate ashtray so you have all hands free to fondle your wench! What a great time to be a modern day pirate!  4-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches long. # 6023

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