Lorica Segmentata

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Lorica Segmentata

Lorica Segmentata was a type of segmented armor used by the Roman soldiers in the Roman Legions. The armor consisted of iron strips that were fastened to internal leather straps. The strips were mounted horizontally and they overlapped themselves from top to bottom which allowed for greater maneuverability. There were two halves of the armor and the halves were fastened together at the front and back. The top part of the armor was designed to protect the shoulders and this part was also made of overlapping metal strips. The top of the lorica armor also protected part of back and chest area. The hooks and fittings on the armor were made of brass. During the time lorica segmentata was used the armor evolved and was modified several times. Different versions of the armor have been discovered in various places that were under Roman reign, namely England, Austria and Spain. The lorica segmentata armor was used between 9 century B.C. and 3rd century A.D.

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