30th Century BC Swords

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Swords History - 30th Century BC

Early Bronze Sword - The leaf-shaped sword was predominant during the bronze era and it was also the predominant in many different areas among various cultures. Leaf-shaped swords were found in Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and even in Britain, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. The dominance of this blade shape during the bronze era is probably due to the fact that it was easier to achieve this type of blade with bronze. It is also probable that the shape of the sword originated from successful fusion of a spearhead and a dagger. The Greek Xiphos sword is an example of a leaf-shaped sword. The average length of a leaf-shaped sword is about 22 inches; however, there were specimens found that measured up to 32 inches long. The leaf-shaped sword blades were the most common during the Bronze Era; however, there were also bronze swords with straight and tapered blades.

Khopesh Sword - This weapon is illustrated on many Egyptian monuments and walls and according to the illustrations it was used by all the Egyptian warriors including the Pharaoh. The sword’s blade is curved and it is still not clear whether it was edged on concave or convex side; however, it is more likely that it was edged on the convex side.  The very thin handle of the swords ends in a pommel. The Khopesh sword was about 18 inches in length.  

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