5th Century AD Swords

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Swords History - 5th Century AD

Scramasax Sword - The one edged sword had its origins in a long knife and this type of sword was first used by hunters from wild tribes. When the tribes evolved into nations, they retained their long knives as weapons. Often they were used as supplemental swords. The Teutonic Scramasax or Yataghan can be an example of such weapons. The Scramasax varied in shape and size depending on the culture and area where it was used. The length of the Scramasax ranged from 20 to 27 inches. The blade of Scramasax was rather straight; however, there were some specimens found that featured a slightly curved blade.

Tsurugi Sword - Tsurugi (also known as Ken) is the oldest of Japanese swords. Examples found in burial mounds were straight and single-edged. Later examples had straight but double-edged blades.

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