Kastane Sword

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Kastane Sword

Kastane is the sword used by people of Ceylon. The sword comes in variety of sizes and it can be either straight or slightly curved. The blades are usually single-edged and most frequently are made in Europe. Many of the blades bear East India Company trademark. The single part of the sword that shares the same characteristics is the hilt. The hilt has two or four quillons. In the 4-quillon version the smaller two quillons are swept downwards toward the tip of the blade. One of the quillons is usually longer and it forms a counterguard protecting the knuckles. The pommel of the hilt usually bends a little towards the edged side of the blade. The pommel and the quillons are very beautiful as each of them ends with a carved monster’s head. The hilts are often encrusted with gemstones and inlaid with silver or made entirely of silver or gold. The scabbards of the Kastane swords are made of wood or horn and are decorated with brass, silver or gold.

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