Maximilian Armor

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Maximilian Armor

The Maximilian Armor is a suit of armor style originally created for the Emperor Maximilian. This style of suit of armor was extensively used between 1500 and 1540. The main lines of the suit of armor are heavier compared with the Gothic style. The armor is distinguished by radiating fluted channels that spread from the middle of the breastplate. The breastplate of the Maximilian armor is shorter and consists of one piece whereas the breastplate of a Gothic suit of armor consisted of two parts: upper and lower. The pauldrons in the Maximilian armor are larger and the neck guards are more pronounced. Also, they usually differed in size. The pauldron of the right arm was smaller to accommodate the couching of the lance under the armpit. The tassets of the armor are made in two or more pieces and they were connected with straps and rivets.

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