Frank E. Vandiver

Frank E. Vandiver is a scholar of military history whose distinguished work has earned him fellowships and honors at both American and European universities. Dr. Vandiver is Chairman of the Board of the Mosher Institute for International Policy studies and President Emeritus of Texas A&M University. He is also that university's first Distinguished University Professor, a Rockefeller Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow, a former Harmsworth Professor of American History at the University of Oxford, England and visiting professor at the United States Military Academy, West Point. Among his published works of military history are twenty books, including: Their Tattered Flags: The Epic of the Confederacy (Harper's Magazine Press, 1970-Jefferson Davis Award of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society; Fletcher Pratt Award), Mighty Stonewall (McGraw, 1957 -- Carr P. Collins Prize Texas Institute of Letters, 1958), and Black Jack: The Life and Times of John J. Pershing (Texas A&M University Press, 1977 -- Finalist, National Book Awards, 1978). In addition to his academic and writing commitments, he currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the American University in Cairo.
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