When you have a dream… keep working and it will come true… with some hard work and time of course!

“King of his Castle”, is the headlining episode to season five of the triumphant show “Little People Big World” airing on the TLC network. This documentary style television series showcases the determination and success of an extraordinary family comprised of little and average sized people and follows them through their lives.

In this episode, Father Matt completes a 10 year long dream with the completion of “Molly’s Castle”, built on their 34-acre working pumpkin farm. A promise to his young daughter to build castle in her name... is finally complete and has been adorned with Knights Edge® products including Armors, helmets, banners, tapestries, swords, shields, knight figurines, lion doorknockers, castle keys, medieval locks and more. And just to make the décor complete and interesting… authentic Dungeon ball and chains, whips and skulls for the dungeon (of course) makes the castle complete!

The Roloff family is celebrating the finish of Molly’s Castle in episode 1 of their 5th season and Knights Edge is delighted to have been chosen to outfit it royally. So if you ever wondered what it was like to be King of your Castle…see for yourself!

Knights Edge® products used to decorate Molly’s Castle: